English: About Trasno Project and Galician

Proxecto Trasno, or simply Trasno, is a group of translators of free software into Galician.

This volunteer-driven project is meant to provide tools for communicating, discussing and deciding over translator’s shared problems and a place for localisation aid tools to be set for anyone to enjoy. The final goal is to provide full free software systems localised into Galician with the best possible quality.

The project is represented legally and financially by a homonym association created, formed and driven by members of the project. The association is a non profit organisation intended to provide legal support for the project and maintain the project infrastructure.

The project started back in the 1999 and it has been uninterruptedly active all this time. The association was created in 2009.

Galician (galego) is a Romance language spoken in Galicia, a division in the northwest of Spain where Galician is  the official language along with Spanish. Galician has 2.4 million speakers and is very closely related to Portuguese.

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